Our Vision

Planting parish churches in Syracuse

Syracuse. Syracuse, NY, called "The Heart of New York," is the largest city in Central New York with a population of 145,170 and a metropolitan population of 662,577. Home to Syracuse University, the 'Cuse is intellectual and artistic, and Syracusans have a deep concern for its beauty and diversity. Yet, amidst all of the beauty and diversity, the intellect and the arts, there is a deep need for the love of Christ and Christ's church. We are committed to our city.

Church. The church is God's redeemed people through which God continues to redeem a people. Each church is to be marked by a faithful ministry of the word, sacraments, and prayer as God's means of grace for his redeemed people. We are committed to churches that will minister God's means of grace.

Parish. Parish is the place we live together sharing God's gospel and our lives with our neighbors. It is not another word for a church in a place, but a place from which a church is gathered. Parish says that together the church is responsible for the souls of its neighbors and the life in its neighborhoods. We are committed to parish churches that will care for its neighbors and neighborhoods.

Planting. We are committed to planting parish churches that will continue to plant parish churches in Syracuse and beyond.

to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
— Ephesians 3:21